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Sport Stabilisator vorne 30mm Alfetta + GTV/6 + 75 Uniball

Sport Stabilisator vorne 30mm Alfetta + GTV/6 + 75 Uniball
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Sway bars are there for reducing or regulating the body roll in the vehicle.

Since the suspension system on our transaxles is setup by the Alfa Romeo factory for everyday traffic, the used dimensions on the anti roll bar results in a modest anti roll effect. This way the car is comfortable and can be driven in both dry and wet weather conditions with or without passengers.

This handling is not preferable for track day or dedicated fast street usage. Body roll is something that feels slow and in fact is slowing you down while cornering. Because of body roll the corner weights on each wheel will be different and thus overall cornering forces will be reduced. Also the wheel alignment is badly influenced by body roll and this too will result in bad behavior.

For fast driving on flat and dry tarmac, you want to minimise body roll so the cars weight distribution is minimal and therefore the overall grip is maximised.

Complete kit comes with polys and M14 uniball links.

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