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Sport Wattgestänge Drehstab Alfetta / GTV/6 + 75 Uniball

Sport Wattgestänge Drehstab Alfetta / GTV/6 + 75 Uniball
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The de dion rear axle is hold in its place by the watt linkage. The watt linkage is mounted on the rear end of the dion tube on one side, and connected to the body on both left and right side of the car.

The original watt linkage is fitted with rubber bushes (silent blocks), which will flex and results in a sloppy rear and a delay in the settlings of the rear of the car during the entry stage of a corner.

We supply a ball joint fitted watt linkage with modified length for lowered cars.

With our linkage the car will have excellent transient handling and you will feel it respond without the usual delay.

This kit also come with the Watts centre bearing which is a billet aluminium part which includes 2 bearings.

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