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AGIP Novecento engine oil 80W-90 4 litres can

AGIP Novecento engine oil 80W-90 4 litres can

AGIP Novecento 80W-90 is a lubricant used in transmission systems, especially in manual transmissions and differential with excellent performance at extreme pressures (EP). The product allows to meet the lubrication requirements required by the transmissions that equip classic cars.

The presence of E.P. additives (extreme pressures) allows an adequate protection of the surfaces of the gears and bearings even in presence of high specific loads
The oxidation stability of AGIP Novecento 80W-90 greatly reduces its deterioration in applications characterized by high operating temperatures and minimizes sludge formation
The product allows a protective action against the corrosion of the metals present in the transmissions and at the same time allows achieving a suitable protection against the aging of the lubricated components
AGIP Novecento 80W-90 has high anti-rust properties that prevent the corrosion of the gears even in the presence of moisture

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