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Living on the Edge - The Fifth Edition

Living on the Edge - The Fifth Edition

Living on the Edge - The Fifth Edition

Throughout its history, Alfa made a bit of a habit from keeping us on a knifes edge. At times it felt that the very survival of the company was in the balance - unfortunately, a pretty familiar feeling to devout Alfisti that have been around to witness maybe just the half-dozen recent resurrections. Going beyond the all-too-frequent CPRs, living on the edge became an integral part of the brand. Forged into motorsports, Alfas DNA is intrinsically connected to the pleasure of taking things to the limit - and doing so with gusto, in a way that can hardly be better illustrated than with the 1967 33 Stradale, that we got the pleasure of witnessing at speed on a German track this spring - albeit through its M.A.T. interpretation. This attitude was also reflected in its styling, that for some twenty years, starting with the seminal 1968 Marcello Gandini designed Carabo, was the esthetic direction of the house of the Biscione. Cars such as the Montreal carried the flame, initiating a long line of sharp-looking descendants. At the other end of the range, the Ermanno Cressoni penned 33 brought the cuneo sportivo look to the masses, with sales of almost a million units to its name. And if the 33 won over its customers, the 1900 Ti Super won its class in the 1954 Carrera Panamericana.

This spring, a 1900 was again at the edge of technology - and yet it managed to do so without having any changes at all. It ran entirely on e-fuels for the full length of the Tour Auto. Last, but not least, Alfa Romeo introduced us this spring to a car of many firsts. The first fully electric, the first B-segment SUV, the first to be built exclusively outside Italy. A lot to take in for Alfisti, but the Junior has a few tricks up its sleeve, as we reveal in our exclusive in-depth feature.

What connects these cars is a sense that embracing bravery is the only way forward. As the badge constantly reminds us, theres a cruel world out there and only the best survive.

And we believe that Alfas of past and present still have the edge over their competition!

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