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Set (4 pcs.) aluminium carburettor mounts 40mm

Set (4 pcs.) aluminium carburettor mounts 40mm

Set of 4 individual solid aluminium carburettor mounts to fit 40mm carburettors.

Alfa Romeo 1300cc. - 2000cc.
101 - Models
105 - Models
115 - Models

CNC machined and anodised in black to retain an original appearance to your engine bay.

Fitted with an O-ring on one face to provide both a seal and some absorption of engine vibration, this version is used mainly on the streets but also for racing purposes, as it is the most effective and reliable method of carburettor mounting. Completely supplied with studs, o-rings, thackery washers and nylock nuts.

The original rubber carburettor mounts are prone to fail from the constant stresses of heat, vibration and fuel. You will never have to change these aluminium mounts again!

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